Dry lands from above

I spent quite a bit of time on Google Maps’ satellite views while I was planning a trip out West, and realised that they reminded me of some abstract art I have seen recently. This led to some not-too-serious but satisfying digital experimentation. Here’s one example.

aerialview of queensland desert

Where to share the results was the next question. In the end I put them on Green Path, my wildlife and environment blog, near reports and photos of the trip. If you like this one, follow this link to find two more.

Analogue : Digital

If we wander into any art gallery which shows a variety of work we are likely to see pictures identified as “digital images”, but the term is problematic. An “image” is something we see, but in what ways can an image be “digital”? And what, really, is the artwork?

Analogue vs digital

Technically, digital is contrasted with analogue. Analogue changes in any quantity are continuous, i.e. smooth at every scale, while digital changes are discrete, stepwise. For instance, the minute hand of an analogue clock moves smoothly and its position can be read to any desired accuracy, while a digital clock will say the time is (e.g.) 8.22 p.m until it says 8.23 p.m.

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