Recorder and Early Music links

Recorder and Early Music societies – Australasia

North Queensland Recorder Society

The Victorian Recorder Guild

The Early Music Society of Victoria

Recorder and Early Music Society of West Australia

Sydney Society of Recorder Players

The Early Music Association of New South Wales

The Canberra Recorder and Early Music Society

Hobart Society of Recorder Players: contact Ruth Langman, randr462 (a)

Recorders and Early Music Union NZ

Individual Australian players and ensembles

Rodney Waterman, Melbourne

Genevieve Lacey, Melbourne

The Early Dance Consort of Sydney

General musical links – mostly Australian

Recorder Home Page, established and maintained by Nicholas Lander, the biggest and best (to my knowledge, at least) resource for recorder players on the Net.

Stichting Blokfluit Archive, a pair of large databases created by Walter van Hauwe & Paul Leenhouts:
• Catalogue for Contemporary Blockflute Music (CCBM)
• Catalogue for Historic Recorder Repertoire (CHRR)
Access to these databases is free of charge but registration is required so that usage patterns can be monitored.

Orpheus Music, Armidale, NSW, Australia’s biggest publisher (and probably biggest retailer) of recorder music.

If you were looking for Dragon Early Music, Brisbane, you are out of luck – they closed down in 2009.

The Australian Music Centre (aka ‘Sounds Australian’), a federally-funded body which supports and promotes Australian composers. Contact them for information about composers, for recordings, or for scores.

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