Publications: compositions, arrangements and editions

  • This page lists my published sheet music. It was compiled (and is preserved here) mainly as part of my professional history. – Malcolm, Feb 2021

(1) Compositions and arrangements

Recorder Notebook 1. Townsville: Cootamundra Music, 2010.
Recorder Notebook 2. Townsville: Cootamundra Music, 2004.
Recorder Notebook (a Kodaly-based tutor for Soprano recorder). Townsville: Cootamundra Music, 1996.
McCormick Advance Australia Fair (arr.) for woodwind ensemble or small concert band. Townsville: Cootamundra Music, 2003.
Ma Tovu for woodwind ensemble or small concert band. Townsville: Cootamundra Music, 2003.
Traditional Irish-Australian Two Slow Airs (arr.) for recorder trio. Townsville: Cootamundra Music, 2000.
Mozart Divertimento K 213 (arrangement for recorders). Townsville: Cootamundra Music, 1993.
Sweet Nightingales for alto recorder. Townsville: Cootamundra Music, 1991.
Erik Satie Le Piccadilly (arrangement for recorder quartet). Melbourne: Cootamundra Music, 1989.
Native Companions Dancing for recorder quartet. Melbourne: Cootamundra Music, 1989.

Recorder Playbook (ed. and arr.) anthology for small recorder groups. Armidale: Orpheus Music, 2003.
Franklin River for alto recorder. Melbourne: Cootamundra Music, 1987, republished by Orpheus Music 2003.
Arabesques for alto and tenor recorders. Armidale: Orpheus Music, 1999.
Ikaho for solo bass recorder. Townsville: Cootamundra Music, 1993; republished by Orpheus Music 1999.
Alien Landscape II for recorder quintet. Melbourne: Cootamundra Music, 1982; republished by Orpheus Music 2000.

• More information about these pieces may be found on the Cootamundra Music pages.

Clowns for soprano recorder, in AMEB Recorder Grade Book. Melbourne: Allans, 1989.
Folk and Beyond (with Andrew Uren) a collection of seven pieces for one or two melody instruments and guitar. Melbourne: Sidetrack, 1987.

(2) Editions

Andrew Uren Sonatina for recorder and guitar or piano Armidale: Orpheus Music 2004.

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