Woodwind instruments for sale

January 2022 updated 10.5.22

As a woodwind teacher and player I acquired an embarrassingly large collection of instruments. It’s time to reduce it, but my main reason for offering these instruments for sale is the hope that anyone who pays for them will enjoy them, rather than leave them sitting on the shelf. (They have sat on mine for far too long!)

This page lists a few smaller instruments in the flute family, plus a baritone sax mouthpiece. The baroque flute, wooden Boehm flute, cylindrical-bore 8-key flute and clarinets (historical) and alto recorder originally offered here have all found new homes already but still appear at the bottom of the page.

In order:  fife (historical) – Indian folk flute – sax mouthpiece.

  • Condition of the remaining intruments is very good. Click on images for larger versions.
  • Age: I have guessed where I’m not sure.
  • Prices: as listed, or make me an offer which I will consider in due course.
  • Postage and packing: $25 for any order (flat rate, which is effectively a discount for buying several instruments) unless you’re local (i.e. Townsville) and can collect them.
  • Ordering: First come, first served. Payment by cash (local customers) or direct deposit.
Contact information
  • email me at malcolm_tatt*gmail.com by replacing the underscore with a dot and the asterisk with the familiar curly a symbol.
  • phone: 07 4725 6937
  • real world: 24 Wentworth Ave, Mundingburra, Qld 4812

Fife AND Folk Flute

Left to right: 2 fifes, 3 folk flutes, 3 whistles

The two instruments for sale are the first and fourth from the left. The others, not for sale, are a metal school fife, a marble (yes!) Chinese flute, a simple bamboo flute (Vietnam), and three whistles (bamboo, plastic (Thailand), bamboo)

[No brand] Fife, bakelite or similar with metal end-trim, $30
One piece although the profile suggests a joint. 7 holes. The six-finger note is Db and standard whistle fingerings work well. Hole 7 gives the semitone below the key-note, but may also have other uses. Well made and in excellent condition. 1940s – 60s

Folk flute, 6 holes, brown wood with brass trim and ornamental (aluminium?) studs, $25
Indian(?), Lowest note = Bb (approx), apparently one piece although a brave person may be able to find a joint and pull it apart, decent sound and playable in tune. 1990s?

Sax mouthpiece

Selmer C** bari sax mouthpiece with Rovner ligature, $40
Bought new in 1990s and used for a few years. Excellent condition but discoloured (faded to a greenish colour) because it then spent years in a box where it was exposed to (indirect) natural light.

selmer sax mouthpiece
selmer sax mouthpiece
selmer sax mouthpiece
Selmer sax mouthpiece

Already gone

  • Sold 23.1.22
Moeck baroque flute
Moeck baroque flute
  • Re-homed 3.2.22
wooden Boehm flute
Wooden Boehm flute
  • Sold 9.5.22
cylindrical bore 8-key flute
Cylindrical bore 8-key flute
  • Sold 24.1.22
Schneider alto recorder
Schneider alto recorder
  • Sold 9.5.22
Aiglon Albert-system clarinet