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Music for Recorders

As of 2015, Cootamundra Music no longer sells any recorder music except for these two tutor books:

CM 08 Malcolm Tattersall Recorder Notebook 1
A beginning tutor intended primarily for small-group instruction for children aged 7 to 12 but also suitable for classroom use for Years 4 – 6.
Recorder Notebook 1 is unusual amongst beginning recorder methods in that it uses Kodaly programme concepts as its starting point, beginning with pentatonic melodies (m-s and m-s-l) in either stick or staff notation. Staff notation becomes obligatory midway through the book.
It is unusual, too, in that it accommodates any combination of Soprano,  Alto and Tenor recorders learning together.

In two books: CM 08a for Soprano and/or Tenor, and CM 08b for Alto. Either book, $10.00

CM 07 Malcolm Tattersall Recorder Notebook 2
A second recorder tutor, to follow almost any beginning book. Its special feature is that it is set out so that players of any or all sizes of recorder can learn together. It is intended primarily for small-group instruction for children aged 8 to 14, but will also suit classroom use for Years 5 – 7. Any combination of S, A, T and/or B, unison/canons/duets/trios.

In two books: CM 07a for Soprano, Alto and/or Tenor, and CM 07b for Bass. Either book, $10.00

The other recorder music Malcolm published under the Cootumundra rubric is still listed here for reference but it is now available only from Orpheus Music. Orpheus Music has also published several of Malcolm’s compositions and one collection of arrangements, details of which are on the same page.

Music for Woodwind Ensemble or Junior Concert Band

PSBR 01   Tattersall Ma Tovu

Level 1                                                    Score and parts            $50.00

 Ma Tovu is one of a series of works for small and perhaps poorly balanced primary (or lower secondary) school wind groups. The only essential parts are Flute 1, Clarinet 1, and Alto Sax 1. The other parts may all be added freely (i.e. any combination should be satisfactory) though it is assumed that the group will be stronger in upper woodwind than any other section. The non-essential parts do not simply double the essential parts but enrich the harmonies, add countermelodies and help build the dynamic shape: the more complete and balanced the band, the more effective the piece will become.
All clarinets stay below the break, and ranges of the other instruments are similarly limited. Rhythms are simple but a comparatively high level of rhythmic independence is required.

The theme is known in Hebrew as ‘Ma Tovu’ and in English as ‘What a Goodly Thing’ ( ‘… If the children of all men/Could sing together/In peace.’).

PSBR 02   McCormick arr. Tattersall Advance Australia Fair                 

Level 1 ½                                         Score and parts            $50.00

Our national anthem is an essential repertoire item for most primary school bands, but arrangements intended for full instrumentation and mature players are generally unsatisfactory for smaller, often unbalanced, ensembles of inexperienced players. 

This arrangement is essentially a three-part setting with all parts, as far as practicable, assigned to each instrumental group so that the conductor can take advantage of the most competent players to lead the ensemble, whatever instrument they play. It also permits performance by almost any group of three or more players, whether homogeneous (eg three clarinets) or mixed (eg alto sax, trumpet and bass clarinet). The setting is in Bb, so the melody is in a singable range but the players will encounter no unnecessary technical difficulties. Most of the parts are comfortably within Level 1 of the Education Queensland instrumental syllabus.


Prices are in $A and do not include postage. Discounts are available for quantity orders.
Postage within Australia and New Zealand is $3.00 for the first item and then $1.00 extra for each additional item. Elsewhere, $5.00 and $2.00.

You are welcome to enquire or order by email, but can only pay by internet banking. Orpheus Music stocks most Cootamundra Music recorder music and has all internet sales facilities in place but does not carry Music for Reflection or music for concert band.

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