About Malcolm’s music pages

Welcome to the new (in 2021) home of my music pages. It replaces a site on iinet.net.au which was in use from 2004 until 2020, an eon or two in internet terms. All pages listed here, other than the two exceptions mentioned at the bottom of the page, are now on this site.

Cootamundra Music
Articles about music

Recorders and Early Music in Townsville 1990 – 2020

This material is primarily historical in nature, since none of the performing groups have been active since 2010.

The remnants of the old site

The only pages remaining on my old site are my work on Noise Exposure of Music Teachers and the North Queensland Recorder Society archive, 1995 – 2010.

  • The primary source of Noise Exposure of Music Teachers is on the Music in Australia Knowledge Base, https://www.musicinaustralia.org.au/noise-exposure-of-music-teachers/, but there have been broken-link problems on that site so I have left the slightly older version on my iinet site as a backup.
  • The NQRS is still active and its current website is the best point of contact. The archive merely preserves some older material which was not transferred to the new site in 2013.