Malcolm Tattersall: Photography

I began to take photography seriously after using a borrowed camera to record a trip to Europe and getting frustrated by its limitations when I could see photos but not take them. I now use a Canon DSLR, usually with a 100 mm macro lens for insects and a 400mm zoom lens for birds. The core of my work is wildlife and landscape photography but other subjects attract my attention from time to time.

All the photographs on Green Path, except for one or two very obvious exceptions, are my own. I also have a large collection of wildlife photos, mostly insects and birds, on flickr; a smaller but still growing collection on iNaturalist; and an even larger collection on my hard drive. Additionally, this gallery presents a set of Buddhist-themed photos for sale via Paypal, and several small collections of art photos (still temporarily hosted on Green Path) are here.

Most of my photos are available at larger sizes (higher resolutions) than uploaded to the blog or to flickr, from postcard up to A4 depending on the original. If you wish to use any of them, please contact me.