Recent additions

A small flurry of recent additions to this blog:

They all date back to 2007 – 08 and have been posted here under approximately the dates they were written, i.e., way down towards the bottom of the blog, which is why this note seemed worth writing.

Just by way of an afterthought: I wonder whether I would have been quite so keen to republish Journey and its sequels if we hadn’t just suffered through Morrison’s failed attempt to legislate extra privileges for religious groups.

Posts predating this blog

Words & Images was set up in October 2020, nearly ten years after I began Green Path. Most of its older items were transferred from my iinet website (which was older still) and reposted here under their original dates.

Those older book reviews are primarily fiction and mainly date to 2005 – 2010. It’s worth noting, however, that there are also book reviews (nonfiction and environmentally-themed fiction) on Green Path. All of my reviews are indexed here, whichever blog they are on.