Other old themes

This was written during the development of the first Green Path theme, back in 2011. The reference/default theme at the time was twenty-ten and I eventually modified it as twenty ten green path and used it for years. I have copy-pasted the whole page from GP, so the image links may refer there.
Screen shot Sakura theme
Sakura is pretty but the very generous spacing between its elements means there isn’t much content on the page at any one time. I do like the way the big header image underlies the Site title and description. It may be easier to adjust the spacing of this theme than to rewrite the header area of Twenty Ten.
Twenty Ten with the normal kind of contrast between ‘background’ and content background.
Screen shot Twenty Ten, ‘background’ colour blended with content background
Early in the development process I changed the background colours of both the content (i.e. the header/body/footer areas) and the waste-space outer zone which wp calls the ‘background’. I made them both the same colour (d7e7c7), which in turn is a much-lightened version of the colour of the leaf in the (then) header image. Basic strategy has stayed the same but the colour has lightened slightly.
Screen shot Europe theme
Screen shot Europe theme
Europe works okay for me but I very quickly decided I don’t like it – too bare.