This page is the hub for all of my online projects and activities. Please explore according to your interests.
– Malcolm

Green Path

IMG_6112cbcsA blog about wildlife and the environment with a focus on North Queensland, especially Townsville. It’s the most active area of the site and may be what you expected to find right here. It begins just one click away, at http://malcolmtattersall.com.au/wp/

Recurring topics are the smaller wildlife around us (insects and spiders), birds, climate change, renewable energy and food gardening.

Green Path is complemented by its own facebook page which shares environmental science stories from around the web – RenewEconomy, ABC science, etc.

Words & Images

IMG_8297bcsMy words & images blog supplements Green Path by providing a home for my non-greenie writing. It is not the home page of this site but the menu at the top of the page will take you to it.

Categories are words (mostly book reviews), images (photography and art), the big questions (philosophy, Buddhism, etc) and whatever else catches my attention.

About me

malcolm tattersallThis page introduces my work in writing, editing and photography.

Nearly everything to do with my musical work has migrated from my older (iinet) site to malcolmtattersall.com.au/music; click on that link to find what you’re looking for.

This page is a brief introduction to Townsville’s lively arts scene.

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