And the current theme is …

This site is now using the twenty-sixteen child theme developed for Green Path … except that I liked the Century Gothic look of a previous incarnation of one of my twenty-ten child themes so much that I have adopted that font here.

If you haven’t got Century Gothic on your device, the font defaults to Helvetica or Verdana … not so pretty but still pleasingly clear.

Aqua theme on this site

The version of my Aqua theme currently installed here replaces the site title and (optionally) description with a graphic.

In the NQCC version of it the logo sits above a header image but here a larger “logo” is used instead of a header image (technically, the logo replaces the site title via a call in the header.php file, the site description is suppressed in the same place, and the header image has been removed via the “customise” dialogue).

This version of Aqua is also using Century Gothic for headings and body text, without any tweaking of sizes and spacings, although the theme is optimised for Futura headings and Arial body text.

Testing “Press This”

Alleged captain of Mediterranean migrant boat that sank with more than 700 lives lost denies he was in charge.

Source: Migrant boat disaster: Alleged captain of capsized ship with loss of more than 700 lives appears in court – ABC News

This was posted here via Press This using default settings, and then edited in WP (1) to add this explanation and (2) to change post title from the headline to “testing Press This” and shorten the slug which was, yet again, the headline. Press This is not very smart!

Mailchimp newsletter design

Many website owners like to use Mailchimp newsletters to keep in touch with members or customers. Here are some samples – good, bad, slick and basic – to spark designers’ imaginations. Clicking on any of them will open bigger versions in a lightbox and allow you to scroll through as you wish.