About this site – December 2019 onwards

This site was set up as a web design sandbox, then for a while it functioned as a web design showcase under the heading ManTisDesign but it is now essentially functionless.

The blog (on which this post appears) is about web design and layout in WordPress – notes, tricks and daydreams.

The rest of the site? One “About” page, and a couple of hidden (private) pages created for specific (narrow) audiences. That’s all.

And the current theme is …

This site is now using the twenty-sixteen child theme developed for Green Path … except that I liked the Century Gothic look of a previous incarnation of one of my twenty-ten child themes so much that I have adopted that font here.

If you haven’t got Century Gothic on your device, the font defaults to Helvetica or Verdana … not so pretty but still pleasingly clear.

Site maintenance

Most people seem to think of their websites as books – publish and forget – but they are much more like magazines, requiring a flow of new content and regular review of older content. If you prefer a different metaphor, they are more like gardens than buildings.

On the technical, behind-the-scenes level they require software updates. Some of these can be neglected without causing any problems but you never know which ones were security updates and which ones will solve – or cause – crashes due to conflicts between plug-ins and theme updates.

On the public level, page content goes out of date for all sorts of reasons and needs to be updated, while designs which looked fresh and new – even cutting-edge – in, say, 2004 look very dated ten years later.