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This blog was created in October 2020 as a place for all of my writing and photography which doesn’t naturally belong on Green Path, my long-running environment and wildlife blog.

Many of the posts are book reviews (mostly fiction) but it’s worth noting that there are also lots of book reviews (nonfiction and environmentally-themed fiction) on Green Path. They are all indexed here, whichever blog they are on.

Much of the content is fairly old and has been transferred here from my older website. (It didn’t really belong there, either, since that site was really focused on my musical work. Never mind.)

Numberplate Scrabble

My family and I have been playing Numberplate Scrabble intermittently ever since I invented the game while driving my young daughter to school through inner-Melbourne suburbs.

It was one way of getting some fun out of the trip, and I’m sure it had some educational benefit at the time. I’m sharing it here for posterity (I hope Posterity is suitably grateful) and more particularly because a friend of mine was interested when I described it today. Here goes:

The Simplest Rules

1. Take the three letters in any numberplate you spot and use them in a word.

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