Book reviews

I was a regular reviewer for the Townsville Bulletin (TB) from 2004 – 2011 and I have also reviewed for Viewpoint for Young Adults, LiNQ and other publications. More recently I have written a few reviews especially for Green Path (GP) and/or Waves, the newsletter of the Reef HQ Aquarium Volunteers Association which I edited from 2010-14.

Most of my recent reviews are relevant to Green Path and have been posted there regardless of their prior history; the links will take you straight to them.

Kunzig and Broecker: Fixing Climate (GP April 2019)
Lindley McKay: A Guide to Wildlife and protected areas of the Top End (GP May 2018)
Carolyn Little: Bergstrom’s Orange (GP March 2018)
David Attenborough: Adventures of a Young Naturalist – the Zoo Quest Expeditions (GP Dec 2017)
Charlie Veron: A Life Underwater (GP Nov 2017)

Norman Spinrad: The People’s Police (GP Sept 2017 with micro-reviews of other SF)
Robert Whyte and Greg Anderson: A Field Guide to Spiders of Australia (GP June 2017)
Michael Braby: The Complete Field Guide to Butterflies of Australia (GP February 2017)
Stanley Breeden, illus. William T. Cooper: Visions of a Rainforest – a year in Australia’s tropical rainforest (GP February 2017)
Wendy Cooper, illus. William T. Cooper: Australian Rainforest Fruits – a field guide (GP February 2017)

John Beasley: Plants of Tropical North Queensland – the compact guide (GP February 2017)
Attila Kapitany: Australian pigface and pigweed: tasty native food plants (GP February 2017)
Maria Hitchcock: A Celebration of Wattle, Australia’s National Emblem (GP February 2017)
Ursula Le Guin: Always Coming Home (GP December 2016)
Aldous Huxley: Island (GP November 2016)

Derrick Stone: Walks, Tracks and Trails of Queensland’s Tropics (GP July 2016)
Paolo Bacigalupi: The Water Knife (GP March 2016)
Jostein Gaarder: The World According to Anna (GP December 2015)
Germaine Greer: White Beech – the Rainforest Years (GP February 2015)
William Catton: Overshoot and Bottleneck (GP June 2014)

Greg Czechura et al: The Great Barrier Reef – a Queensland Museum Discovery Guide (GP November 2013; Waves Feb 2014)
Yvonne Cunningham: Tropical Food Gardening (GP September 2013)
JEN Veron: A Reef in Time (GP June 2013; Waves August 2013)
Glen Chilton: The Last Place You’d Look for a Wallaby (GP March 2013; Waves April 2013)
Anna Rose: Madlands (GP July 2012; Waves Sept 2012)
Gavin Schmidt and Joshua Wolfe: Climate Change – Picturing the Science (2009) (GP May 2012; Waves June 2012)

Drury: The Shaman’s Quest (GP Feb 2012)
Oreskes: Merchants of Doubt (GP Feb 2012)
Dawkins: The Magic of Reality (GP Jan 2012)
Smith: Dick Smith’s Population Crisis (TB 2011; GP September 2011)
McRae: Tribal Science (TB 2011; GP June 2011)

Woodford: The Great Barrier Reef (TB 2011; GP July 2011)
A. C. Grayling: Liberty in the Age of Terror (TB 2009; GP September 2014)
Kelly: Spiders – learning to love them (TB 2009; GP Sept 2011)
Oliver James: The Selfish Capitalist (TB 2008; GP November 2016)
Granta: The New Nature Writing (TB 2008; GP November 2016)

Heller: Whale Warriors (TB 2008; GP Jan 2012)
Winterson: The Stone Gods (TB 2007; GP May 2016)
Rothwell: Journeys to the Interior (TB, March 2010; GP January 2017)
Miller: Landscape of Farewell (TB, January 2008; GP May 2017)

Dawkins: The Greatest Show on Earth (TB, December 2009; GP July 2019)
Braungart & McDonough: Cradle to Cradle (TB, April 2009; GP 2016)
[Penguin]: Composting (TB, March 2009; GP 2016)
Buckman: Tasmania’s Wilderness Battles (TB, August 2008; GP July 2019)

All reviews above this point are now on Green Path, while those below are still on my older site.

Williams: Future Perfect (TB, October 2007)
Crocombe: A Lighter Footprint (TB, October 2007)
Norton: 365 Ways to Change the World (TB, Oct 2006)
Gore: Our Choice (October 2010)

More of my reviews, mostly of fiction, are on my older site.