Book reviews

I was a regular reviewer for the Townsville Bulletin (TB) from late 2004 until late 2011. I have also reviewed for Viewpoint for Young Adults, LiNQ and other publications. More recently I have written a few reviews especially for Green Path (GP) and/or Waves, the newsletter of the Reef HQ Aquarium Volunteers Association which I edited from 2010-14.

Most of my recent reviews are relevant to Green Path and have been posted there regardless of their prior history; the links will take you straight to them.

Ursula Le Guin: Always Coming Home (GP December 2016)
Aldous Huxley: Island (GP November 2016)

Derrick Stone: Walks, Tracks and Trails of Queensland’s Tropics (GP July 2016)
Paolo Bacigalupi: The Water Knife (GP March 2016)
Jostein Gaarder: The World According to Anna (GP December 2015)
Germaine Greer: White Beech – the Rainforest Years (GP February 2015)
William Catton: Overshoot and Bottleneck (GP June 2014)

Greg Czechura et al: The Great Barrier Reef – a Queensland Museum Discovery Guide (GP November 2013; Waves Feb 2014)
Yvonne Cunningham: Tropical Food Gardening (GP September 2013)
JEN Veron: A Reef in Time (GP June 2013; Waves August 2013)
Glen Chilton: The Last Place You’d Look for a Wallaby (GP March 2013; Waves April 2013)
Anna Rose: Madlands (GP July 2012; Waves Sept 2012)
Gavin Schmidt and Joshua Wolfe: Climate Change – Picturing the Science (2009) (GP May 2012; Waves June 2012)

Drury: The Shaman’s Quest (GP Feb 2012)
Oreskes: Merchants of Doubt (GP Feb 2012)
Dawkins: The Magic of Reality (GP Jan 2012)
Smith: Dick Smith’s Population Crisis (TB 2011; GP September 2011)
McRae: Tribal Science (TB 2011; GP June 2011)
Woodford: The Great Barrier Reef (TB 2011; GP July 2011)

A. C. Grayling: Liberty in the Age of Terror (TB 2009; GP September 2014)
Kelly: Spiders – learning to love them (TB 2009; GP Sept 2011)
Oliver James: The Selfish Capitalist (TB 2008; GP November 2016)
Granta: The New Nature Writing (TB 2008; GP November 2016)
Heller: Whale Warriors (TB 2008; GP Jan 2012)
Winterson: The Stone Gods (TB 2007; GP May 2016)

All reviews above this point are now on Green Path, while those below are still on my older site.

Rothwell: Journeys to the Interior (TB, March 2010)
Dawkins: The Greatest Show on Earth (TB, December 2009)
Braungart & McDonough: Cradle to Cradle (TB, April 2009)
[Penguin]: Composting (TB, March 2009)
Buckman: Tasmania’s Wilderness Battles (TB, August 2008)
Williams: Future Perfect (TB, October 2007)
Crocombe: A Lighter Footprint (TB, October 2007)
Norton: 365 Ways to Change the World (TB, Oct 2006)
Gore: Our Choice (October 2010)

More of my reviews, the most recent of which are listed below, are on my older site, while more fiction and nonfiction with environmental themes is listed under Climate Change references on Green Path, with micro-reviews or links to full reviews.

Barker: Taliban Shuffle (TB, October 2011)
Stross: Rule 34 (TB, October 2011)
Bowden: Gone Viral (TB, October 2011)
Mazari: The Honey Thief (TB, Sept 2011)
Cameron: Pepsi Bears (TB, Sept 2011)
Boylan: The Keepers and the Kept (TB, July 2011)
LiNQ: Islands (TB, March 2011)
Mackay: What Makes us Tick (TB, October 2010)